Stuck in my mind

Truth is unavoidable

Everyone knows their level

But mine is little lower than them

Searching my space

Found no one’s land for me

Littering my hope

Injecting positivity

Don’t lose it

It does happen with everybody

You aren’t exceptional

But fear of mine

Resulted in losing confidence

Feeling inferior

So I stopped comparing myself

Why? I’m so scattered

Couldn’t able to collect a single positive word for me

No,I’m not like that

I loosed my positive frown

I feel very light ,broken and awkward

“Be positive girl!”

Only these 3 words help me to chase my dream.


“pas toujours”

Days are passing,

But I’m still in turmoil,

Want to show love ,

Love for little things.

Love for people.

But reality is not faded,

Images are not blurry ,it’s all clear.

Best lesson a teenage could get from other teenage,

You taught me if i do something of my choice ,eventually it’ll become wrong,

But if you would do the same later on

You’re right… still images aren’t blurry.

If you have one good quality and you’re successful in that. Then all your faults are covered by that.

But if your luck is hard,

You aren’t seeing any scope of light,

Your past wound are still fresh,

And you can’t cope with this hazardous,

Then you’re on achilles heel.

If you aren’t interested to see things

People gonna push you,force you by one call of their parents.

Because it’s their choice to see that so,you have to suffer without having any option. Just in respect,what our indian society has taught us.

Bizarre of things happens in life,

Bizarre is you ,people proves you.

Beautiful days are going like hell,

Let’s hope bad days may bring heaven.

Either i am disturb or unsatisfied

Coping with turmoil.

My veins can understand it

In my mind garden nothing has left

You gonna find ash,burried smell,crushed ground,

you won’t find anything good there .

Time changes everything,

Earlier it was greenery ,beautiful and serene in nature. Now all lost.

Its fertilizers are lost,

Its Surroundings is the only reason of this condition.

But at times it shows some signs to grow again ,when you find soothing and commendable things started happening with you.

Always Keep your hopes higher ,nothing could destroy or harm you ,only your are the creator of your life.Have faith! good is about to come.


Does looks matter in this accelerating world?

Yes,It is!

One of my friend trimmed her hair like boy.

What?? Like boy?

Please ,pinch me once!

Hey come on…!!

And now she is no more a girl

According to this” so called society “

But who cares! Who cares what you want !

Who cares in which style you feel free .

Who cares of your choice

Who cares if you wanna be different from others.

But wait! How you dared to cut your hair??

You are a girl,

You must have long black hair.

Than you called to be a perfect girl .

Who cares if you want changes in you.

Society has a symptom to criticize.

Even friends who understand the trend they also pointed on her action.

She lost her long hair but she is not mourning for it. Why others felt more pain than her. Why can’t they support her!

Who cares? you want new look in yours.

Who cares ?you wanna show this world you aren’t lesser then boy.

Who cares?

You feel classy in this look.

So does it matter?

Yeah! It doesn’t matter.

If you feel good in you,

Nothing will matter anymore.

Everything needs courage if you have that then go ahead !

Where’s the truth lies?

Supported by few,

Told by everybody.

I was with you!

Yaa! You was there!

I curtsied.

Yaa! You was the only one!

Who stayed with me  to very first storm to last .

Yaa! You was the only one who supported me and made me fighter.

Yaa! You was the only one who loved to be with me to feel the sweetness of the strom.

And in this way i lied thousand times to them .

Like their invisible and intangible support, i shifted my bitterness to sweetness.

Yaa! the way you lied to me.

Same, i am exposing what i learned from you.How to lie in a best way.

The best tactic i ever learnt from you people.

And the truth lies here only.

P.s – we human beings feel everything but can’t express the true feelings.