SPIRIT of inclusive INDIA

Intangible but valuable.

Invisible but exist.

I always reflects the truth!

I contains a basket of feelings.

‘You can pick one’

Without me you are an empty vessel .

Do you know me? I’m you spirit!

I’m your psyche,I’m your mood which you sometimes thwart it.

I remember the day you were happy you were about to celebrate but you stopped.

Because it belongs to others.

You cherish it! but it is limited to your inner soul . I’m the only one who felt it. your happiness ,your pain, your eagerness.

I’m happy to being here to this beautiful world.

World which have a lot to celebrate.

And in this mesmerizing world i found one place which was named as ‘Golden Bird ‘ in its ancient times.

INDIA a land which is known for it resources both human and natural.

INDIA a country of festivals ,many ethnic groups ,myriad languages, veritable babels of tongues and numerous modes of apparel .

Apart from this, we call it a youthful india. Where the social rights stays at its top.

We fight! We learn!

We win &We win!

I have a big heart.

I love to be with’ you’

(The abled people )

I feel ! I’m same as like you.

And the spirit of India lies here only with this ‘Divyangjans’

Lines from the book’ spirit of india’

By Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam –

“Having tasted the fruits of development indians are hungry for more education ,more opportunities, more development “.

Spirit of india shows that it is possible to progress at both individual and national level.

A touch of oneness i felt when a muslim girl said. Always i used to play holi with my family and we enjoy this festival alot. And this is the beam of our inclusive india.

“Oneness amongst men,the advancement of unity in diversity –

This has been the core religion of india”.

-Rabindranath Tagore

With happy spirit and with helping hands.

The love of oneness and the positivity of this land.

I enjoyed each day and each month with different hyms and apparel.I felt the touch of feet of oneness in temple,church,mosques and in gurudwara. To live together is a spirit.

And i can proudly say I’m INDIA and they are part of me.


Mother – an unconditional love💫

Those gloomy days ,

Daily routines to do.

Predominance of rule to follow .

Craving habits .

Bitten heart .

Cried eyes.


Sun is the witness,

And the moon too

You bitten me high

You pushed me without my interest

I suffered alot ,

I yearned for things those silly things

And you softly pushed me back

I shouted you didn’t replied

I thought you’re bad

You’re aren’t like others parents

With losing hope & happiness

I accepted my age and the choices

But,didn’t realised.

Like ,changing climate.

I watched many changes in life.

I appreciate my immature behaviour and thoughts.

I don’t know that was my innocence or my beautiful blacky eyes were closed


I can say i was too small to understand the beautiful way of corruption of this mesmerized world.

Still it presents in me!

‘My unmellowed behaviour ‘

But your lessons help me to walk like a mature woman.

You are my mentor.

I curse myself to being adult!

Those sweet stick pain was far more better then people’s bitter words.

But your vehemence of love & care is the only thing which soothes me.

I can remember those smiling faces of the sun & the moon who always smile and laugh on my moronic behavior.

Your hard work is gift for me,

That’s why today i’m here.

But now I’m craving for your love not for such silly things.

You’re my love💘

P.s -Soon I’ll be there Maa.

#LoveMaa #Happy Teachers Day

#thanks to all friends who are in WordPress your each word is inspiration for me. EACH DAY I LEARN SOMETHING NEW. SO,WISHING YOU TOO HAPPY TEACHERS DAY❤


Hello, friends! Hope you guys are doing well.

Life is short,live it.Love is rare ,grab it. Anger is bad ,dump it.Fear is awful, face it . Memories are sweet, cherish it.(Best lines from Google)

We have many moments to share with each other.And the best moments are the part of life,which must be shared with you precious guys. Literally,I feel that WordPress helps us to release our toxic elements and cherish the good memories and good thoughts what this family shares with each other without any hesitation.Not the people who is following me or whom I follow but the all WordPress family has lot more feelings to share. And that we Feel it. Respect it.Love it.Appreciate it. Indulge in it. And in this way we had gone on many alluring voyages.

I need the sea because it teaches me -pablo neruda

I can say it today is my best day. Today I gone through many of the posts and all I got ,was motivation,inspiration,enthusiasm and passion to overcome from sadness.

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” — Christopher Reeve

Many thanks to all the people who became my friends in last few days. I feel Fortunate to have an account on WordPress so that I can go on remarkable voyages and can experience the same pain,love,tranquil and unpredictable imagination what you people felt.

Today’s special thanks I want to give – @The Godly Chic Diaries @Rotimi elijah @Aishwarya shah

P.s- your post are so inspiring . you can see the impact.Many more to go.


Does my fashion make me smarter or my knowledge?

My Questionable psyche asking me all time

We find beauty in both

In between i slime

But whom to adore?

Being beautiful,fashionable will take me to my path

Or ,

Crimping knowledge will take me towards plath

Fluctuations is all around

From Declarative to interrogative i’m bound

Where’s the beauty of truth lay down

Both are inspiration for me

My fashionable friends teach me through dressing how to be confident

And ,My knowledgeable Friends guide me ,through learning how to be confident

But ,Atlast i can say both have their own place in this mesmerized world

Your interest of field,

Your taste towards different sectors

It matters alot.

So,lets fly wherever you want to fly

Don’t be in lair

Show your flair

Sectors doesn’t matter

Then what matters? confident ,competent,consistent

3c’s have there important significance

Let’s explore yourself and be fashionable or nerd .

Whatever you want to be.

This is only life have faith and make your own destiny and be dedicated towards that.✌

Long way to go….

Waking up early in the morning,

Running Running hiding the pain.

Abundant hope & courage to fight with unsure rain,

Fighting power is in my vain,

Precisely,We people are insane.

We fear, lose hope, trying to be strenghful but inside a hollow man,

Let’s fight not to prove people,

Just to improve your level.

This astonish lovely land,

Full of beauty and helping hands.

Chattering squirrels humming birds ,

These exquisite creature enhancing the beauty of this world .

Let’s go somewhere not to hide our pain but to explore and exhale the unwanted pain.

See the nature’s beauty,

Floating of trees in the air rhytm

Feel free because we are in a bingo hall

Don’t crawl

smoother your pace

Easily you will win the race


Long way to go ….

Pack the bag of love, tranquil, faith and blessings

Vague way but long way to go….

Sady heart happy face

Your happy face ,

Your brightening eyes,

No one knows the ache inside .

Your psyche of cracking jokes makes others to laugh loud,

Your crowdy mind but you look proud.

Your jovial nature spread positivity in uptown ;

But your wide pain has deep down;

And no one can hear your cracking heart sound.

Lucky the people who has all LOVE ,FAITH and LIFE

Yaa! I’m alive but i’m dead inside

You never say this to us.

But i can observe you and your suffering

Torture of life and human beings

Even our senses is not with us

Eyes wants beauty

Ears wants good to hear

But this is not the definition given by god

This is the definition what we human being has made

Oh my! my!

Why these people don’t have any shy

I find the turmoil in the soil

And the,

Suffering is in coil

Heart breaks ;hope breaks

Expectation breaks; concentration breaks

Aim breaks;life breaks

Breaking habits mould us and Eventually we become habitual to this

But concept has changed now

When you meet happy soul and a free spirit,

Who never allow his pain to come outside

And never cried.

So,i can say you have a sady heart but you too have happy face to show the world that you are great.


Friends are those ,when you miss your family they care for you , 

Friends are those ,when you lost somewhere,they help you to get up to your track 

Friends are those when you lost your spoon they feed you by their hand, 

Friends are those when you are lonely,they come to disturb your loneliness 

Friends are those ,they help you to choose best in every single thing 

Friends are those ,when you get bored they come near to you with different types of happiness and laughter. 

They are really true,even though they are sometimes false also but they suddenly become true  

You know why because of that trust 

But now all lost , 

Love is just for show off 

Care is just for show off 

Pampering is just for show off 

Adoring is just for show off 

Why?? Why?? Why?? This! 

Now all lost, 

Even now your presence is lost 

Now your unreal love itches me 

Now your show off have to get off 

World is totally unaware but we are aware which type of relationship does take stand in between us Now my relief pill is lost 

Now my heart is paining; paining and aching with different types of sorrows 

My silent eyes are raining continuously without any hopes that It would stop 

Now no more  friendship no more care,no more love,no more trust,now no more hope that it would be cured.